Personal Wellness Journey

Recently, I stumbled upon British Vogue's series featuring Camille Rowe as she embarks on a personal wellness journey. She talks to experts in nutrition, meditation, spirituality, and fitness. I've been feeling sluggish and unmotivated for quite a while now so I found these videos to be interesting and inspiring. I was originally attracted to the series because I'm fan of Camille, I love her personal style and I just think she's really cool in general.


I've tried to complete Yoga with Adriene's Thirty Days of Yoga and Thirty Days of Yoga Camp series multiple times already and I'm at it yet again, giving it another go. This time, I'm documenting my progress with Yoga Camp and starting sort of a "yoga journal" that I'll post here every week. I'm hoping that it will keep me motivated to keep showing up on my mat day in and day out, no matter what. Yoga is something that makes me feel incredible when I do it for long stretches of time and I would really like for it to stay a part of my everyday life. 

So thanks, British Vogue for this series and for the inspiration and thank you Yoga with Adriene for the structure that I need to start my own personal wellness journey. Here we go...

xx kristina